Our theme for the Scarecrow Trail is: 

"Kings and Queens and everything in between"

We have chosen this theme as it coincides with the coronation of King Charles III. So your scarecrow could  celebrate this historic event or anything to do with Royalty or the Commonwealth. You could have Queen Elizabeth II taking tea in the garden, Richard III and his hunched back or Queen Victoria looking very unamused. Equally you could construct a royal guard, a King Charles Spaniel or even create a little scene of several things! 


However, this is not only the way this theme could be interpreted! You could create a scarecrow of a fictional King or Queen, a Disney princess or even Star Wars' Princess Leia! Could we see a May Queen, a Queen Bee or even a Drag Queen? How about Freddie Mercury and the rest of Queen, the Kings of Leon or even the scarecrow formally known as Prince? The possibilities are endless, let your imaginations run wild!


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